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Football Betting Tips

By the time you reach the end of this page, you will know a lot about football betting in Nigeria, football predictions, how to place winning football bets, and the top betting sites for Nigerians.

Nigerians and Football – Why Nigerians Love Football

To say that Nigerians love football would be an understatement. Football is the most widely followed sport in Nigeria. To the Nigerians, soccer is a passion and a religion.

The reasons for the Nigerian craze for football are many, as follows:

  • Nigeria’s national football team plays for international titles on a regular basis.
  • Nigeria has produced top football players such as Vincent Enyeama, Mudashiru Lawal, John Obi Mikel, Rashidi Yekini, Nwankwo Kanu, and Jay Jay Okocha, to mention just a few.
  • The national football team of Nigeria, called Super Eagles, is the Confederation of African Football’s 5thtop team.
  • Nigerians are good at football. In fact, it is the widely played game in the country. You will find young people, children, and adults playing football on almost every street.
  • Football is a symbol of wealth for Nigerians. Many Nigerian football enthusiasts hope that the game will one day make them rich.
  • Playing football is a great stress buster in Nigeria, a past time that makes them temporarily forget the poor conditions in which they live.
  • Football unites the residents of a country that is fraught with clashes among various tribes. The games makes everybody forget differences, at least temporarily.
  • For the Nigerians, football is a great source of entertainment.

Other Popular Sports in Nigeria

Although the most popular sport in Nigeria has always been and will always be football, the residents have a handful of other popular sports too. Basketball enjoys a lot of popularity among the youth and many schools offer basketball coaching.

Nigerians are also fond of running and many of them even run for international titles. Another popular sport in Nigeria is Dambe Boxing, a contribution of Nigeria’s Hausa community. Dating back to several centuries, it is an aggressive variant of boxing.

Football Betting in Nigeria

Football Betting in Nigeria

Sports betting in general and football betting in particular is fast gaining popularity in Nigeria and there are several reasons for this.

Since Nigerians now have better access to the Internet and the television, they can easily follow their favorite sports matches. Smartphone use is also on the rise in Nigeria, and this has made online betting more accessible. Easy accessibility has boosted the popularity of sports betting and has led to Nigeria’s sports betting boom.

Soccer betting promises wealth to Nigerians, and this is a promise they just cannot resist. According to a recent report, as many as 60 million Nigerians in the age group of 18 – 40 are placing an average of N3000 on bets every single day.

Betting Psychology – Why Loss Does Not Discourage Bettors

Football betting is not just a source of entertainment for young Nigerians, but also hope. Nigerian bettors never stop hoping that someday and somehow they will earn huge profits through football betting.

They are well-aware of the fact that the house always has an advantage and that the house always wins in the long run. But this does not stop them from logging in to their online betting accounts and placing bets on their favorite football games.

Nigerians continue to bet in spite of the losses they incur because of their thirst for winning. They do not mind losing multiple bets in the hope of ultimately winning one bet. It is that one bet they win that drives them back to online betting sites. Psychologically speaking, winning a bet makes them feel good and they are willing to lose several times just to win once.

Tips to Choose the Best Bookie in Nigeria

Tips to Choose the Best Bookie in Nigeria

If you have decided to place football bets online, we recommend signing up at multiple online betting sites instead of staying loyal to just one. This is because online bookies offer new as well as existing players a wide range of promotions, including free bets.

The promotions and sign up offers are different at different online bookmakers. If you stick to just one bookie, you will miss the grand offers at some other bookie.

Moreover, football odds are different at different bookies. You will notice the differences when you study markets that are less popular such as over/under goals, anytime goal scorers, and so on.

Bookies may offer different odds because they have access to some information that is inaccessible to the other bookies. They could also be offering betting odds in the hopes of getting more customers.

We have made it easy for you to compare a variety of bookies. We have researched, handpicked, reviewed, and rated some of the top online sports betting sites for Nigerian bettors. You have to just read our reviews, visit the sites, do your own research, and sign up at as many as you wish.

We consider the following criteria before recommending online bookmakers for Nigerian bettors:

  • Licensing and ownership– We have selected brands belonging to well-known betting companies that operate only after getting hold of a valid sports betting license.
  • Bettor Reviews– We interact with bettors and get their honest opinions and reviews about a betting site before recommending it to Nigerian bettors.
  • Bonus Offers and Promotions– We never recommend sites that do not offer bonuses and promotions.
  • Payment Methods– We study the banking page to make sure that it offers payment options that Nigerians are familiar with.
  • Customer Support– Our recommended online football betting sites for Nigerian bettors offer round-the-clock customer support through email, live chat, phone line, and social networking sites.

Popular Sports Betting Sites – TOP Five Nigerian Sportsbooks

There are two types of sports betting operators in Nigeria—local businesses and international betting companies partnering with local businesses. Foreign betting companies provide the technical expertise required to run a successful online sports betting site.

Although Nigerian operators are eager to develop sports betting software solutions at the local level, they find it easier to just tweak foreign sports betting products to suit the Nigerian taste and preference.

We have picked the following top 5 football betting sites for Nigerian bettors:

#1 Bet9ja

Bet9ja main page

Bet9ja is the home of top football betting odds, football jackpots, safe & secure payment options, and unparalleled promotions and offers. This bookie allows you to win up to N50,000,000 per ticket.

If you sign up at Bet9ja, you become eligible to claim a welcome bonus of up to N100,000 on your first deposit. In addition, Bet9ja runs plenty of social media promotions, giving you plenty of opportunities to win cash prizes. It has a cash-out feature that enables you to win your bets before things go sour.

Bet9ja is not just an online sports betting site, but also an online casino, where you can play your favorite table games, card games, and slots. Recently, Bet9ja’s popularity underwent a boost because of its sponsorship of the latest edition of Big Brother Naija, a reality television series that gives players opportunities to win big cash prizes.

#2 NairaBet

NairaBet main page

NairaBet operates under a license granted by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC). The fact that it is a member of the Association of Nigerian Bookmakers lends it credibility and makes it one of the most trusted online bookmakers in Nigeria.

NairaBet not only offers the best odds on football and other sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis, and rugby, but also live betting, virtual gaming, and casino gaming. This well-designed and user friendly online bookmaker also offers excellent customer support.

#3 MerryBet

MerryBet main page

Licensed in 2013, MerryBet Gold Limited offers online sports betting services to Nigerian bettors under the brand name MerryBet. The online sports betting site is among the biggest and most secure in Nigeria. It has two websites— and

The online sports betting site not only offers football betting options, but also provides excellent predictions on a variety of sports events such as tennis, rugby, darts, handball, and others.

Since MerryBet uses the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, your data is safe from fraud and unauthorized access. In addition, MerryBet offers top odds and processes payouts very fast.

#4 1xBet

1xBet main page

1xBet is a new online sports betting site, but it has already earned the trust of hundreds and thousands of active bettors in Nigeria. It is not just an online sportsbook, but a social online sportsbook. Once registered at 1xBet Nigeria, you can chat and interact with fellow Nigerian sports enthusiasts and get the best football predictions and match analysis from betting experts.

Even if you are a beginner, you will not face any problems placing football bets on 1xBet Nigeria. The online sports betting site offers a wide range of events, processes bets fast, and guarantees payouts on all winning bets.

#5 SureBet247

SureBet247 main page

SureBet247 Nigeria is an online sports betting brand belonging to ChessPlus International Limited. The company also operates in Ghana.

Established in Aug 2011, the online sports betting site became famous for its fast payouts, user friendly game interface, fast registration procedure, excellent customer support and a wide range of betting options encompassing a variety of sports.

You can look forward to lucrative promotions and competitive odds at SureBet247. The online sportsbook is licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and supports responsible gambling.

Is Online Betting on Soccer Legal in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the National Lottery Regulatory Commission regulates all gambling activities. The National Lottery Act of 2005 legalizes lottery games. Nigeria’s gambling laws classify all games into legal games (land-based casino games, lottery games, and sports betting) and illegal games (dice games, luck-based card games, and roulette).

But not a single gambling law in Nigeria mentions online gambling. As a result, residents are free to sign up at any online betting site that accepts Nigerian players and supports betting in Nigerian Naira. However, even offshore betting sites are required to comply with the same laws designed for the land-based gambling industry.

If you want to bet on football in Nigeria, you should be at least 18 years old. Once signed up at a licensed Nigerian online football betting site, you can use methods such as bank cards, eWallets, and credit/debit cards to load your account.

Football Betting Tips, Picks, and Predictions

For many Nigerians, football betting is not just a source of entertainment, but also a way to earn profits. But most of them have no time to do the research required to place profitable football bets. This is where sites offering football predictions, football picks, and betting tips come to the rescue. You will find plenty of such sites online. While some of them offer their services for free, others demand subscription fees.

Predicting football games accurately is hard work, and not many bettors are good at it. In order to make accurate football predictions, one must have a thorough knowledge of the game and the ability to carefully analyze the facts. Successful football prediction also requires a bit of luck.

Football prediction sites do all the hard work of studying football teams, matches, and leagues, analyzing statistics, and getting updated on the latest football news. This helps them provide accurate and reliable football predictions and tips.

You can get football predictions free of charge online although the best of them are available at a price. Before you spend a lot of money on predictions, we advise you to become an expert on the game. If you want to place profitable bets, you should be willing to do the required hard work. Learn to analyze match results on your own and stay updated on the latest football news and events.

How to Win at Football – Five Tips that Truly Work

Football betting is fraught with risks, but when you implement a few strategies, you can make profits out of it. The following are some tips to help you:

  1. Try Different Bookmakers– We have already spoken about the benefits of signing up at multiple betting sites. No two bookmakers are alike. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In a bid to beat the competition and attract bettors, online bookies offer free bets, large deposit bonuses, rewards for loyalty, and exciting odds. If you stay loyal to just one bookie, you will miss all the wonderful offers available at the other online bookies.

  1. Understand Football– There is a difference between following football games for entertainment and making a careful study of the game. If you want to make winning football bets, you must study all football teams thoroughly, not just focus on your favorites.
  2. Learn about Matched Betting– A strategy called “matched betting” is fast gaining popularity because it guarantees profits irrespective of the results of the match. The strategy requires you to take the fullest advantages of the promotions and free bet offers at your online bookmaker. Then you have to further reduce the risk of betting by placing a bet each on two opposite outcomes. While one of your bets will surely lose, the other one will surely win.
  3. Maintain a Record of Your Bets– To find out whether your strategies are working, you need to carefully analyze your betting activity. And this is possible only if you maintain a proper record of all the bets you place. You should carefully record the bets you win/lose, the exact amount you bet, the amount you lose/win on each bet, and the bookie that accepted your bets.
  4. Avoid Emotional Betting– Football betting is not for the faint of heart; so avoid betting with your emotions. To place a profitable bet, you need to stay calm and think logically. If you are overcome with emotions, you will end up making the wrong decisions and lose your bets. If your research and study suggest that your favorite team will not win, you just should not bet on it. Also avoid betting when you are drunk, depressed, or upset.

Conclusion – Should You Bet On Football?

If you want to bet on soccer, you certainly should, especially now that you know so much about football betting in Nigeria. We strongly advise against placing random bets. Instead, place bets based on thorough study and research. You must also implement proper bankroll management techniques and bet in a responsible manner.

If you are ready to start betting on football, you can sign up at any of our recommended betting sites and have a safe and secure online gaming experience.